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"Time" is very important in saving a drowned victim's life. A drowned person might have a period of hypoxia (No oxygen breathed into the lung, and hence no oxygen supplied to the brain).
After 3 to 5 minute of hypoxia, the cell in the brain will die.

Performing a very proper CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) 心肺復甦法 is essential to save a life. A drowned victim breathes a lot of water into his/her airway and lung. The victim cannot maintain a normal effective breathing. A person doing proper CPR (before the Ambulance Man arrived) may help by providing adequate amount of oxygen into the victim's lung so that his/her brain can still keep alive.

If you want to learn CPR properly, please refer to the website of St John's Ambulance or Red Cross.

St John's Ambulance 聖約翰救護機構

HK Red Cross 香港紅十字會

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