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   By BenNewbieHiker on Sunday, May 10, 2009 - 11:23 am:  Edit Posted From:

Dear Outdoor Doctor,

Thank you a lot for your prompt help. I will watch out but first I will get myself some analgesic.

You just got one nature alien city boy feel a little less worried.


   By Outdoor Doctor (Doctor) on Saturday, May 09, 2009 - 11:50 pm:  Edit Posted From:

The skin lesion doesn't look serious on the photo.

Take some analgesic (eg panadol) if needed.
You might be bitten by some insects.

Watch out for any fever/ worsening of the skin lesions/headache/generalized skin rash in coming three weeks.

Most likely, your skin lesions will improve by themselves. You can resume hiking once the pain subsides.

   By BenNewbieHiker on Saturday, May 09, 2009 - 4:53 pm:  Edit Posted From:

Dear Outdoor Doctor,

I am very new to hiking and try go medium difficulty walk/hiking trails for exercise. I am very unfit but am successfully making these long walks and excersing much better control on my food intake too.

Yesterday, in my trail near the trappist monastry in the discovery bay area (Lantau island), I had great fun "hiking" for 2 hours. Most of the trail was not extremely wild (lots of concrete) but it was still in the middle of trees and green. Before "climbing" I applied generous amounts of sunblocker and sprayed plenty of deet concentrated insect repellent over my uncovered legs and arms.

After the walk, I went for a late night out drinking heavily and only drunk around 4am at home before falling to sleep I noticed roughly 1 inch painful spots around the same height (20cm from the ground) on both my legs. I do not recall being bitten during the trail and worry a little bit because I really walked/danced 6-7 hours after the trail properly moving along my blood whatever it is that was inserted there.

The pain is quite bad even though it is not itchy. I randomly tried to apply mentholatum and white flower ointment but with no easing of the pain nor improvement of the spots. I made a picture here:

Would you have any advice for me trying to resolve the situation? Also quite important to me is whether I should still go back hiking with these painful spots tomorrow again to keep burning calories and become fit again (my doctor is unhappy with my weight and low HDL levels).

Thank you for any advice.


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