Mystery Ranch Cakewalk 55L (Blue)

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   By Albert on Monday, January 02, 2006 - 11:57 pm:  Edit

Mystery Ranch Cakewalk 55L (Blue)

(Dana Gleason 新公司)

實用2隔大頂袋(可自成腰包), 多索帶, 面板好攝o野, 腰帶勁厚,
Men背(at least 175cm高), Medium Belt(32-37 inches)
(正價$199US 未計shipping) 用過3次, 好新沒花, now $1400

In a world of tall skinny packs, the Cakewalk is a sumo wrestler.

Built short for good head clearance and wide and flat to carry a heavy load easily, the Cakewalk looks different to work better. Hang that short, flat bag on our heavy duty Outamatic suspension and carbon fiber mainframe, and you have a pack that can handle any load you need to bear with stability and comfort. The Cakewalk is never overwhelmed by your load it's Outamatic frame was designed to support 50 pounds plus in our larger packs. You'll never notice a measly 30 pounds, and you'll be ready when you have to split your partner's load. That's slack.

Stack it to pack it. Sleeping bags, tent, cook gear, food, and toys; these are the lumps that define your load. Stack them in two columns when you pack your Cakewalk and walk upright, as humans were meant to! Keeping the load flat to your back is the most comfortable way to carry it.

Topped off with the hipsac convertible biValve lid, the Cakewalk can handle any load you can cram, strap, or balance on it.

Office Box compatible.

Mystery Ranch - packs with slack...doublewide slack.
So what are you waiting for?

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