Have anyone use Contax T2?

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   By hermes on Thursday, February 03, 2000 - 2:15 am:  Edit

May I ask you that how can I doing the long-exposure without shocking?

   By Manson Tsang on Friday, February 04, 2000 - 5:30 pm:  Edit


相信就算攝影者有多好的定力, 遇著長時間曝光的相片, 也不可能維護那麼久, 最方便的是買一個腳架啦! 我行山也會帶腳架, 買一些輕便的不會做成太大負擔. :)

若果沒有腳架, 可以試試固定自己手的位置(尤其是手肘位置), 如石頭,大樹幹等, 相信效果會好得多, 但始終腳架最穩陣...

Manson ^_^

   By Ricky on Sunday, May 07, 2000 - 7:22 pm:  Edit

Its a simple.

First you can't perform long time exposure with your own hand (I suggest manual exposure is difficult when shutter speed faster than 1/15sec)

You can buy a small tripod. Try to estimate your camera in full gears (Camera body, lens, and flash), if it is weight more than 5 lbs, don't buy a cheap tripod, b'coz they are toys only. I use "Manfrotto" small tripod (around 18cm long), the arms are strong enough to hold your expemsive camera, it is very important, imagine when your camera roll over on hill, it will slip through certain distance beore it stop!

Perhaps, you can fix your camera on stable object such as rocks or campbag, But beware of slipping and damage your camera.

   By hermes on Tuesday, May 09, 2000 - 9:41 am:  Edit

Thanks ,Sir,that's mighty nice of you.

   By W.C. on Monday, March 19, 2001 - 10:43 pm:  Edit

I suggest you to use higher speed films like 200/400 films, but it may cause over exposure during great sunny days.
Also, F2.8 lens may be bright enough for most daytime functions with reasonable shutter speed.

   By 1437 on Sunday, May 09, 2004 - 8:58 am:  Edit

I bought a Contax camera .but the instructions are written by Janpanese.what I can do?

   By 亨利二世 on Tuesday, May 18, 2004 - 1:04 am:  Edit

goto http://www.contaxcameras.com and find the manual in english la.

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