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   By thisdress on Friday, February 13, 2009 - 11:12 pm:  Edit Posted From:

This is my reaction to the many mountaineering accidents on the newspaper recently.

I read about a mountaineering accident just before the new year holiday. To summarize: a family of three went hiking in Kowloon Peak (飛鵝山) one sunny weekend. The mother had an accident and fell over 100 meters, probably because the slope was steep and the path was covered with gravels. The father immediately climbed down to try to help the mother.

A group of foreigners happened to pass by that area and noticed a small child near a cliff all by himself, and immediately thought something went amiss. Some of them called the police for helps with a cell phone while the others rushed to reach the child in order to prevent him from falling off the cliff.

The father later felt it was too difficult to climb down and so he returned to the trail to wait for helps to arrive. The fire department and paramedics arrived, but decided it's too challenging to climb down the slope to reach the casualty. They called GFS (government flight service), which rescued the casualty and brought her back to the trail, she was then transported to the hospital to be treated. She was pronouced dead in the hospital.

Based on the above fact, the accident was the result of poor route-selection by the parents; they failed to consider whether such a challenging hike is suitable for a family with a small child. The father also failed to care for the child after the accident, he climbed down all by himself to reach the casualty, which jeapordized both the father and the child. Under such circumstances, a mountaineerer's crisis-management senses are put to great trial. Individuals should first move himself and the child to a safe place, then report to police to describe in details your location, what happened, and what assistances you require. Then you should wait for help patiently. Never attempt a rescue if you are not trained in mountaineering- rescues.

It's possible to reduce incidents like this by:

1) Pick the right route. Trails like family trails (家樂徑)﹐ jogging trails, and nature-education trails (自然教育徑,) are suitable for families with kids. Families with experienced hikers can also try some of the milder sections of the MacLehose (麥理浩) Trail and the Wilson (衛奕信) Trail.

2) Go with experienced hikers: look for hiking courses offered by local districts, or look in the newspaper for tours. Beware that not all hiking groups have a leader staying at the back, so make inquiries before you go.

3) Proper equipments: generally you should have proper hiking boots, walking sticks, whistle, compass, map, cellphone etc.

4) Keep in mind, if you don't have mountaineering-rescue trainings, never attempt to perform a rescue yourself, or we might end up with an extra victim.

The above article was written with the intention to bring up ways to prevent accidents. I hope forum users will share their opinions.

[translated by Cordelia... I'm sure there are loads of mistakes because I can't type/spell to save my life, but I thought it was a good article so worth the effort to translate and share. Other bilingual forum users please advise if you find blatant, gross mistranslations.]

   By newhkcamper on Wednesday, December 03, 2008 - 3:27 am:  Edit Posted From:

im curious what this is about... can someone summarise this in english?

   By Ted Mountain on Thursday, April 29, 1999 - 9:10 pm:  Edit


的山徑時﹐母親懷疑因山路斗斜和滿佈碎石的關係失足跌下100 多米

由以上事件看來, 構成意外的起因是父母未有考慮路線是否適合一家



(2) 跟隨有經驗的人仕行山﹕可以參加社區舉辦行山課程或留意報張


(4) 切記如無受過攀山搶救訓練切莫嘗試援救﹐以免救人不到反自招


   By kitty on Wednesday, July 07, 1999 - 4:03 pm:  Edit

good publication

somebody likes hiking

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