The Chi Ma Wan (Sesame Bay) Peninsula is bypassed by the Lantau Trail, and as such is often left untrod by hikers too. This means that its paths are not overrun by tour groups on holidays, and quiet solitude can be found on any day of the week. This hike is quite long but can be broken into two equal sections.

Rise early and take the ferry from Pier 7 in Central to Silvermine Bay on Lantau. The hike can be started from this point, or from the Chi Ma Wan ferry pier which is reachable by the less frequent inter-island ferry.

Turn left as you leave the Silvermine Bay ferry pier. You might want to stock up on food and drink here in Mui Wo, as there is no shop on our trail today. We start our walk by following the road south along the shoreline towards the New Lantau Bus Company's depot. Take the steps up the hill where you see a green postbox and a yellow sign marked "Pui 0."