To ensure that your hiking is more enjoyable, please consider the following carefully before setting out:

Most importantly - Beware of pick pockets! Try to bring the minimal amount of cash and avoid mugger hot spots.

Join a well organized hiking club's trip. Two suggestions are Hong Kong Adventurers and The Hong Kong Trampers.
      To join Hong Kong Adventurers' trip, just go to their website and click on Join Our Trip on the left hand side menu.
      To join The Hong Kong Trampers' trip, email or call the person involved which is available on their website.

Ensure someone know where you are going. Hike with a group of friends.

Hike on popular trails and take with you the maps which cover the trail you're hiking. The 4 most popular trails in Hong Kong are:
      Hong Kong Trail
      Lantau Trail
      Maclehose Trail
      Wilson Trail

Know you limitation . The trails are graded for different abilities. Take into consideration the physical limitation of the elderly and children. Wait for someone who is slower.

For long hikes, take maps, a compass , watter bottles and a torch. Carry a walking cane for protection.

Listen to the weather forecast before hand. BE PREPARED for bad weather. If the weather turns bad, try to exit to lower grounds.

Walking boots and thick socks are essential for the more difficult stages. Bring a hat during summer, extra sweaters during winter and water proofs when it rains.

Keep away from waterworks installations. Know your emergency drill and where you cal call for help in case of an emergency. Always use water-sterilizing tablet on untreated water.

When confranted with a snake, keep still and do not panic. The snake, which is probably more afraid of you, will quickly move away. Snakes have very good eye-sight. Fast movoement makes them nervous and they are most likely to strik at moving objects.

Information courtesy of UC publication